Paul Huggins Photography
Back Garden Holley Begging Millie Bluebells Millie Bredon Hill Holley Duvet Alfie Holley on Drive Holley Portrait 1 Holley Portrait 2 Holley Portrait 3 Jester Portrait 1 Jester Portrait 2 Millie in the Snow Millie on Log Millie Portrait 1 Millie Portrait 2 Millie Portrait 3 Millie Portrait 4 Nathan Portrait 1 Nathan Portrait 2 Nathan with Hosepipe Norton Copse Old Holley Pagoda Alfie Skiathos Cat 1 Skiathos Cat 2 Skiathos Cat 3 Coombe Hill Millie Coombe Hill Millie 11 Coombe Hill Millie 12 Severn Way Millie 4 Chase End Millie 39 Chase End Millie 40 Severn Way Millie 18 Ham Millie 2 King Johns Millie King Johns Millie 2 Abstract King Johns Millie 3 Back of School Back of School 2 Back of School 5 King Johns Millie 7 King Johns Millie 8 Abstract Ham Millie Coombe Hill Millie 25 Coombe Hill Millie 27 Coombe Hill Millie 34 Abstract Coombe Hill Millie